Notes/Domino Fix List
SPR # NRBY69PQZ4Fixed in 7.0.1; 6.5.5 release

Product Area: IBM Lotus iNotes for MS Outlook Technical Area: Install/Setup/Registration Platform: Windows

SPR# NRBY69PQZ4 - When starting Outlook/DAMO, customers would like a way to have a default profile chosen, so that they do not need to manually choose a profile. This is handled at the OS level and is a Microsoft Outlook setting - no fix was required to DAMO for this. To define which profile to use when starting Outlook/DAMO each time, follow these steps: Start - Settings - Control Panel - Mail - Profiles. Choose the profile you wish to start DAMO with and select the "Always use this profile" option.
With this fix, a new public MSI property was created called PROMPTPROFILE, to allow the silent install to skip the profile selection prompt on Outlook startup, if desired. Set "PROMPTPROFILE=0" on the silent install command line, right after "SETUPFILE=XXX".

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Last Modified on 03/04/2010

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